Our mother deserve something special than what we some of us offer to our mother in this so call mother’s day

In this massage we are going to tall you that you have all right to make your mother happy before you lose her.

You are who you are today because you MOM take good care of you, she could have decide to terminate your pregnancy (which she don not ) she could have decide to poison you (which she do not ) she could also have decide to damp in gutter for which she do not  do so

Our mother are the beginning of our life  we have to treat than special (let try our best to serve our mother with all our energy to make that happy    

OUR MOTHER LAND GHANA: It mean a lot to us in some case it tell that our mother contribute much to the country that men

Per the Ghana Population And Housing Census  WOMEN ARE 51.3% against 48.7% men.

Whilst we ask for God's blessings and protection for them, we shouldn't forget to give our maximum respect, love, care, and support to our women. For those who still see their mums as witches, and thus refuse to take good care of them, God should touch their hearts and minds for them to realise that, Mother's Love is incomparable to any love in this world, for it is sweeter and everlasting.

 I there say very big thanks and continue to love ever  MY TWO MOTHER’S ( TIBOMTABA ALIMA AND SAGITO ALIMA  ) LET YOUR MOTHER FEEL YOUR PARESENT TODAY.

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