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Tiga Maine-Money On My Mind mp3


A South African Hip Hop Artist Tiga Maine dishes out his fresh dope new trappy single titled “Money On My Mind” featuring artists Mseventy DeeTee and the West Coast Queen named Ms. Toi. Ms. Toi is bringing her voice all the way from the United States where she resides in California. The beat is notably produced by  Deejay Boe.


The song clearly talks about having less friends and focusing on making major moves in the music journey and also focusing on making money. The friends you got are the ones who are doing the same thing that you’re doing and focusing on the same mission that you’re in, that’s what the song is about.

Fantastic track! Everyone did very well in this track with their singing and spitting out those lyrics! I enjoyed the beat hard as it kept my feet tapping to the ground. I really enjoyed the meaning of this song as we can relate making those major moves and focusing on your mission and not others hating.


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