JUST IN:Striker De Donzy is Arrested By Policemen

 Our very own Striker De Donzy the Mampurugu music front liner, from the camp of De Donzy Nation in this morning 26th March, 2022 was arrested from Nima Cd yard going Madima,

According to the policeman, he said " the fan  have to bring  4000 Ghana cides  or 5000 People to bill our Supper" else Striker De Donzy will be lock in Accra, Bukom Boxing Arena this evening.

De Donzy  promise the police man that his has fan is coming this evening to bill him out with the 5000 people inside Accra Bukom Boxing Arena.

Afa zak,  a  media personality  get depress and toke a flight to Accra  with his camera and Tripod stand, mounted  at the entrance of  Accra, Bukom Boxing Arena to broadcast how the 5000 people  Entering to bill the Stiker.

And finally Gee Face the Trender got confuse and also take  of to Accra to bill De Donzy by pleading, to his surprising the fans of De Donzy has already bill him out. and the trender could offer northing but calling on Wizchild to give them a classic performance

The police man also get  scared and call on Mayoka to take of  his Uniform and bless the fans with famous performance.

Get ready today is the Unrully Don concert 

Get your ticket Ready 


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