Pure water prices to go up today; to be sold at 40 pesewas

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 Sachet water cost is supposed to increment from today, April 1.

As indicated by the Public Relationship of Sachet and Bundled Water Makers (NASPAWAP), the new cost of bundled water is educated by the rising expense regarding unrefined components and fuel and the cedi's devaluation.

Excepting any hitches, a water sachet will sell at ¢0.40, while the 500ml filtered water will be retailed at ¢2. From Friday, chilled filtered water of 750ml or medium size will be sold at ¢2.50.

A pack of sachet water, 500ml by 30pcs, will be sold at ¢6 greatest from the retail trucks.

Small shops, in any case, will retail the product at ¢8 per sack greatest. The 1.5L or huge filtered water will be sold at ¢3.50.

Leader of the Asociation, Magnus Nunoo, has made sense of that a large portion of the information sources and bundling materials which are for the most part imported and delivered from oil sources have seen cost climbs.

"At our past audit, the dollar's conversion standard was in the locale of ¢6.50. Right now, it is creeping up to ¢8.50. Fuel which shapes a significant expense of conveying the items to the market habitats, has essentially gone up since our last survey," he noted.

He, in any case, forewarned that there may be slight varieties in costs across the districts because of haulage to remote and far off regions.

The president further engaged government to survey the assessment arrangements on bundled water industry to assist with lessening the monetary weight to save the business.


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