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MAMPRUGU is a Greatest kingdom that is located in the northern part of Ghana. The kingdom has its beginning from the WHITE VOLTA in the northern region and extends to the upper east and west regions. Mamprugu kingdom extends to Burkina Faso and part of Togo and so therefore is the only kingdom in Ghana with international affiliations. 

MAMPRUGU is the kingdom, MAMPRUSI is the people and MAMPRULI is the Language. The headquarters of the Mamprugu kingdom is located at NALERIGU in the East Mamprusi district of the northern region. The palace is named as NAYIRI and the king ia called NAABA. 

The history of MAMPRUGU, DAGBON, NANUNG AND MOSSI all dates back to the Islamic journals. One Prince by name ABDUL AZIZ from BAGHDAD left his homeland to marry a Princess. And together they form the seven states of HAUSA LAND.

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One of this states is where TOHAZIE(RED HUNTER) came from.

TOHAZIE was the Grandfather of  "NAA GBEWAA". "TOHAZIE" meaning Red Hunter and during his hunting process,he traveled to MALI. At MALI, he got an area where he was thirsty and requested for water. A lady told him that their source of drinking water have been overtaken by a BUFFALO. TOHAZIE being a Hunter then traced to the water source and killed the BUFFALO. These gladdens the hearts of the chief and people of the community and the chief arrange some maidens and asked TOHAZIE to choose a wife from among the the maidens. A particular lady was sitting alone because she was crippled. TOHAZIE amaze the chief and people of the community by rejecting the beautiful maidens but rather went for the cripple. The lady was called "MALI PO'A WABGA" Meaning "MALI CRIPPLE WOMAN"

TOHAZIE married MALI PO'A WABGA and they gave birth to a boy who was deformed. The boy also grew up the a man and was a warrior. So after the death of his father, he left the community. 

During the journey of the son of "TOHAZIE", he met a lady in the bush and requested for water but the lady seeing him as a strange person took him home to her father who was a chief. The chief upon seeing him said "KPOKUNUMBU" meaning (what kind of human being is this) and that became his name KPOKUNUMBU. KPOKUNUMBU later on married the daughter of the chief. KPOKUNUMBU later on killed the chief wore his regalia and made himself chief of the community. KPUKUNUMBU gave birth to NAA GBEWAA.

NAA GBEWAA ascends the thrown of his father and after he died and for some years migrated from MALI and colonized some small tribes and ethnic groups on his way up to PUSIGA in the UPPER EAST REGION where he settled. NAA GBEWAA gave birth to many children but most loved one among them all was KUFOGU who was the youngest son. NAA GBEWAA became blind at his later ages and wanted KUFOGU to ascend his thrown after his death instead of his eldest son who was ZIRILI. So one day, NAA GBEWAA mistakenly called the mother of ZIRILI thinking that was KUFOGU'S mother and told her about how he wants KUFOGU to ascend his thrown after his death. ZIRILI mother upon hearing this call ZIRILI and his other brothers about the king decision to make their younger brother the next king after his death. ZIRILI and his brothers upon hearing this attacked and killed KUFOGU.

After the death of KUFOGU, it then difficult to how the information would get to the king. The elders of the king then suggest that they should inform the DRUMMERS and the FLUTE blowers to inform the king by blowing the FLUTE and biting of the DRUMS since no one could inform the king very badly.

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It was on Friday that NAA GBEWAA in the presence of his elders heard the FLUTE and the DRUMS say "ZIRILI ku KUFOGU" Meaning ZIRILI have killed KUFOGU. NAA GBEWAA upon hearing it said that if this is really true,then his ancestors should not let live to see, and disappeared mysteriously. The earth opened on he went in. Till now that place where NAA GBEWAA disappeared is in PUSIGA and is a place o tourism where people go to visit.



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