Fancy Gadam’s “Competition Album” Hit 3 Million Streams on Audiomack in Just One Month

 In a remarkable achievement for the Ghanaian musical sensation, Fancy Gadam, his latest album, “Competition,” has taken the digital music scene by storm, amassing an impressive 3 million streams on the popular streaming platform Audiomack within just one month of its release.

Fancy Gadam Released on October 14, 2023, Fancy Gadam’s “Competition Album” showcases the artiste’s versatility and unique musical style, blending traditional Ghanaian background music with contemporary The success of the album on Audiomac is of Fancy Gadam's growing influence, his music's global appeal And it says a lot about the story.

1. Heart & Soul - 420k+

2. Boxer- 353k +

3. Tichilirimi- 278k +

4. Ki Joeye- 260K +

5. If - 258k +

Fans and music enthusiasts flooded social media platforms to praise the album, praising Fancy Gadam’s artwork and the range of songs on the album as well as the singer’s ability to blend genres with ease and without a doubt has contributed to the popularity of “Akansi”.

Audiomack, a leading streaming platform known for its variety and user-friendly interface, has become a key player in the music industry Fancy Gadam's achievement of reaching 3 million streams in a month highlights both the artist’s popularity and the platform’s accessibility to a wider audience

The album’s standout tracks, such as Gonze Piano, Tee Chilirimi, Otello, Akwakwa, Assalamu -Alaikum, are widely acclaimed for their catchy lines, meaningful lyrics and flow of traditional Ghanaian background instrumentation about, giving listeners a unique and immersive musical experience. They gain experience.

Industry insiders are now watching closely Fancy Gadam’s approach, expecting the “Competitive Album” to gain traction on other streaming platforms and potentially have a significant impact on global music charts

As Fancy Gadam's star continues to rise, the success of “Competition Album” on AudioMac is a testament to the artiste's ability to attract listeners and cement his status as one of Northern Ghana's most influential musical exports fans can only hope for more underground rail

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