N Town Fancy - My Story (Album)

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 N Town Fancy  another fastest growing artist has finally bounce back to serve with a classic Album title My Story with 10  song with Two featuring Don Dee and De Donzy.

According N Town Fancy  this album dubbed My Story is going talk abou how i start music and were I am and where i want to be 

Listen up and credit your play list with classic motivational tune from N Town Fancy - My Story (Album)

Track List

1.N Town Fancy - Ntarima

2.N Town Fancy Ft De Donzy - Dikuning

3.N Town Fancy Ft Don Dee - Atoorori

4.N Town - Suhugu

5.N Town - Ntalli

6.N Town Fancy - Nana Ama

7.N-Town-Fancy - Story

8.N-Town Fancy - Alhamdulilah

9.N-town Fancy - Money

10.N Town Fancy - Abena

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