One Nira - Hope and Pray (Album)

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A Ghanaian Base sensational Artist from the camp of DN Music, One Nira has finally bounce back to update our play with 16 solid and motivational son from his Album call Hope and Pra.

Check out below the track list of One Nira - Hope and Pray Album.

1. One Nira Ft Salamujini - Hope & Pray 

2. One Nira Kati Kuli Ft Israhim ( Prod By Cuah Drumz)

3. One Nira Container Ft Vvip Zeal ( Prodey - Romnga Bert)

4. One Nira Slay Queen Ft Saad Ed (Phod In : Blue Beati)

5. One Nira Long Talk (Prod By : Posaced)

6. One Nira Mpiya Ft Don Sigli (Prod By : Blue Benei)

7. One Nira Sojah Love Ft Ak Songstress (Phod E : Mature Red Eye]

8.One Nira Oyooyo (Prod Uy : Zulu Beat)

9. One Nira Drip Ft Sky & David Aj (Prod Un - Aluebenti)

10. One Nira Tidiya Ft Sasky & Odicoin (Rod Be Azkona)

11. One Nira My Family (Prod By : Zulu Henti)

12. One Nira Omalicha Ft Fancy Gadam (Prod By Rulu Beat)

13. One Nira Shake Body Ft Lazzybwoy (Prod Um: Oiah Drumo)

14. One NiraNo. 1 Ft Ojah Drums (Progen Canh A E391)

15. One Nira Give Dem  Ft Maccasio (Prodey : Ojah Drumzi)

16. One Nira Lag"Fu Ft Sherifa Gunu & Sky (Proc Ex : Zulu Benti)


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