Young Wise - Nawun Yiko(Album)

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 After Several years of serving the industry with Sigle release, Young Wise the Front Liner of Think Far Music has decider to serve with 10 classic  tune from his Album title Nawun Yiko (Album).

This album is equip with five (5) featuring tune with Fancy Gadam , DL, Blue Beat, IsWidad and Lil Jab.

Check out track list below and download

1. Young Wise - Nawun Yiko

2. Young Wise - Odo papa ft blue beat

3. Young Wise - ByeByeYoo ft Fancy Gadam

4. Young wise - Zero to Hero

5. Young Wise - Somboora

6. Young Wise - Gaataaba

7. Young Wise Tiwalgu Ligiri ft DL

8. Young Wise - Baby

9.Young Wise - Ukwa ft Iswidad and Lil jaab

10. Young Wise - MarZaa 


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